In a world full of uncertainties, many of life's big moments are being put on hold. At High Country Subaru, we understand that not everyone can delay their next car purchase, sale or service.

If you need to buy/trade/sell a vehicle or get your vehicle serviced, you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home, right here on our website.

When you're ready, our team will bring it straight to your door or pick it up from you with a touchless vehicle delivery and pick up process designed to keep you safe.

We're all in this together and at High Country Subaru we're working with our state and local government to keep you moving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to interact with a High Country Subaru team member in person at my Vehicle Purchase appointment or if I'm selling or trading my vehicle?

No, we are happy to support social distancing efforts with Touchless Vehicle Delivery, Touchless Vehicle Pick Up and Touchless Private Appointments at our Dealership.

If your car is being picked up, we will conduct the entire process via phone, sharing instructions for where to leave documents and keys, so you can complete them inside while they test drive your vehicle and complete their documents from inside the transport vehicle.

If you're dropping off your car at High Country Subaru, a High Country Subaru Team member will stay 1.5m away all times and use a designated table to exchange documents and items. The showroom is sanitised after each appointment and we request that if you have made an appointment you arrive on time to support these efforts.

Can I still bring my vehicle in to be serviced?

Yes! We have taken steps to protect your safety when visiting our Dealership. Please read more about it here.

Will I need to interact with the delivery agent in person if I get a vehicle delivered to me?

No, we are happy to support social distancing efforts by providing a Touchless Vehicle Delivery, where we will conduct the process via phone and remain in the hauler while you make sure you love your car and sign the paperwork.

Will my vehicle delivery date be affected?

If the vehicle is in stock and available for immediate delivery, there should be no delay in delivering the vehicle to you.

Will my vehicle pick up date be affected if I get you to pick my car up from me for service or to sell/trade?

Currently, there should be no delay in picking up your vehicle from you. This may evolve depending on how much demand increases. If you've been thinking about servicing or selling your vehicles, please call or email us using the form below.

We welcome you to call us for any needs on (02) 6452 1077.